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Vibe Media House is a long established production company in the heart of the Welsh creative scene. We produce high quality media for world renowned institutes; from the National Library of Wales to NASA, World Rally Championship to UK Councils. Giving only the best to our clients, the team at Vibe constantly deliver a high standard of creative video from full production video shots to complex 3D animation sequences. With our own green screen, audio studio and editing suite, we have the means to deliver a product like no other. 

Meet the team

Sue Powell-Reed, Founder

After 26 years of experience in the broadcast industry. Sue Powell Reed opened her own production company, putting her knowledge and connections to good use.

Ben Reed,


With 12 years of experience in the film industry, Ben is a self-taught entrepreneur who helped businesses all over Britain become bigger than they can handle.

Ellie Bond,

Chief Graphic Designer

With a first- class degree in Advertising and brand design, Ellie creates quality content for social media and brands.

Lewis Blakemore,

Editor and Developer

With a first- class degree in Advertising and brand design, Lewis loves making creative solutions, Website design and 3D graphics.

Owain Luke Jones,

Production Assistant

and Sales

With a passion for film-making and a true skill set in pre-production, Luke is the first person on the scene. 

Iris Gerbex,

Graphic Designer

Aspiring graphic designer from Switzerland, Iris is quickly on her way to becoming an industrial designer.

Buddy Reed,

Head of security

Meet Buddy, full time executive dog. He's got strong opinions on filming matters and is never late for work.

Vibe Media House
Unit 1A
National Waterfront Museum
Maritime Quarter,

United Kingdom


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Based in Swansea, UK

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